Dubuque Data Services Welcomes Huss

Dubuque Data Services Welcomes Huss Implement!

Dubuque Data Services would like to welcome Huss Implement, our newest business partner and family member!

Huss Implement has been serving farmers since 1940, Check out what they have to offer at hussimplement.com

Dubuque Data Service visits Tauke Motors

Dubuque Data Services visits Tauke Motors

Dubuque Data Services congratulates Tauke Motors on winning the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award!

Dubuque Data Services has been providing our dealer management system to Tauke Motors since 1993!

Keep up the great work, and we can’t wait to deliver their next bag of popcorn.

Experience their great service first hand by visiting their site at www.taukemotors.net


Dubuque Data Services Visits Louisburg

DDS Congratulates Louisburg on Chrysler Award!

Louisburg was recognized by the Chrysler Presidents and CEO’s for their sales and service advocacy scores which were above 90% for the year.

The Timmermans and their staff are thanked for delivering the world-class experience that their customers deserve.

Dubuque Data Services is proud to have been able to provide our Dealer Management System and to be business partners for over 25 years!

Experience their great service first hand by visiting their site at http://www.louisburggarage.net/

Dubuque Data Services Offers PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing

These days it is important to be PCI compliant, and Dubuque Data Services has the perfect solution for our dealers. DDS has partnered with ChargeItPro to bring a simple and secure credit card processing solution to Advantage.

ChargeItPro is able to process credit cards by either swiping the card, scanning the chip, or entering the card information manually. The seamless flow between Advantage and ChargeItPro makes the system easy to use, while still complying with Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS). Transaction information displays on the receipts for Parts Invoices and Repair Orders and the one-time setup is nothing to fear as Dubuque Data and ChargeItPro will be there every step of the way. ChargeItPro’s Merchant Portal also has many reporting options, so dealers can view an overview of all transactions down to the details of an individual transaction.

Even though it is each merchant’s responsibility to achieve PCI-DSS compliance for their business, using the PCI-compliant payment processing feature in Advantage can make it easier for your business to achieve compliance, and you can rest assured your customers’ data is always secure. Take care of your customers, and your dealership, by calling DDS at 800.382.3733 today, so your business can start processing those payments securely.

Dubuque Data Services Barcode Scanning

Barcoding is Here!

Dubuque Data Services is excited to announce that Advantage now offers integration with our new barcoding system. Once it is setup, users can quickly enter in parts to the Dealer Management System to sell to a parts invoice, receipt parts into the DMS, and perform inventory checks. The barcoding system can be set up with parts from any vendor which means it can be utilized by any dealership type. The Honeywell barcode scanner is small and light-weight, so it can go anywhere your wireless network can reach. This time saver is a must for anyone who wants to manage their parts more effectively. Contact DDS at 800.382.3733 to find out how you can get your barcode scanner and enter those parts accurately and efficiently!

Dubuque Data Services PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing

Dubuque Data Services Announces PCI Compliant Transactions

What does it mean to be PCI compliant? The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council manages a set of standards that was first created by the major credit card brands. Anyone who processes payments using credit, debit, or pre-paid cards that are affiliated with the major brands (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa International), must follow these standards or risk penalties and the possibility of losing the ability to process such payments.
Dubuque Data Services has partnered with ChargeItPro to offer the ability to process these card transactions while following the PCI standards. In order to adhere to these standards we have included features to ensure the transactions are PCI compliant. The encryption of the card information happens the moment the card is swiped, using PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). To eliminate a possible breach of this sensitive data, the card information is not stored on the Dealer Management System. We have even gone a step further in order to get ahead of the game and ensured that our solution is compliant with RFID chips. RFID chips are currently required in Europe and Canada. Even though it is not yet required in the United States, it soon may be, so your Dealer Management System will be ready.

The PCI solution is a seamless integration with our parts tickets and repair orders in Advantage. After a simple setup process, bill parts tickets and repair orders as usual, and then swipe the card. It’s that simple. The authorization number for the transaction displays on the printed invoice or repair order.

Even though it is each merchant’s responsibility to ensure the PCI standards are followed, using the PCI compliant feature in Advantage reduces risk for PCI compliance exposure while lessening the burden on the dealership to adhere to the standards. Take care of your customers, and your dealership, by calling DDS at 800.382.3733 today, so your business can start processing those payments securely.

Dubuque Data Services Chrysler Mopar Convention

Visit our Chrysler MOPAR Show booth in Orlando!

Come check out our booth at the Chrysler MOPAR Service and Parts Show in Orlando, Florida today and tomorrow! Scott and Theresa are there ready to give demonstrations, Dubuque Data Services drink koozies, and high-fives!

This is a great opportunity to see what we offer, experience our company culture first-hand, and why we are storming the industry!

2014 Chrysler MOPAR Show

Visit us at Booth 1110 at Chrysler MOPAR show in Orlando Oct 14-15!