Software Conference Registration Deadline is May 13th!

Register for the 2016 Software Conference HERE or see the class schedule HERE!

There are less than 2 days left to get registered for the 2016 Software Conference, so don’t miss your chance to attend on June 23rd and 24th! This is a great opportunity to learn how the Advantage DMS can improve your dealership’s efficiency, while increasing profits.

There is a wide variety of classes scheduled to cover all the major aspects of your dealership. Check out the list of classes HERE. Looking for something else? There will be personalized training available on the second day. There will also be a demo of the PBS’s Aristo software for any dealers who would like to see what they have to offer.

The conference package includes 2 nights at the Holiday Inn, meals at the conference as well as a dinner cruise on the Mississippi River. For your convenience, the conference will also be held at the Holiday Inn. The beautiful Dubuque area has plenty to see and do, and we can help arrange something for the weekend if you would like to stay longer.

Again, the software conference will be held June 23rd and 24th and the deadline to register is May 13th. If you have any questions or need help with travel arrangements (including shuttle to and from local airports), please contact us at 800.382.3733. This is a great opportunity for your dealership and we look forward to seeing you there!

Fitzpatrick and Lambert

Dubuque Data Services welcomes Hope at Fitzpatrick and Lambert!

DDS wants to welcome Hope to our DDS Family!  Hope joined the Fitzpatrick and Lambert Ford New Holland team in March as their office manager.  Theresa was able to work one-on-one with Hope to do some extensive Accounting training to help her transition into her new role.  For any continued training you might need on the Advantage system, contact

Leo Lambert and his team have won numerous awards from Ford for the excellent customer service they provide to the community and we have witnessed it first hand over the past 4 years.  Check out their website:  

DDS 2016 Software Conference Classes!

The Software Conference is Coming!

Register HERE and see the class schedule HERE!

Have you signed up for the 2016 Software Conference being held in Dubuque, IA on June 23rd and 24th? If not, what are you waiting for? The conference is a great way to learn how Advantage can help you increase your profits and be more efficient at your dealership. You will have the opportunity to see familiar faces while meeting many new ones, including fellow dealership members.

We have a great class agenda lined up which covers everything from parts to service to accounting, with extras in between. If there is a specific topic you would like covered, there are times for personalized training too. Check out the classes HERE!

The conference registration includes two nights at the Holiday Inn, same location as the conference, as well as a dinner boat cruise on the Mississippi River. Meals for the conference as well as the cruise are included. There are also options for those who only want to attend one day or do not need a hotel.

We are excited to show you how our DMS Advantage can work for you and show our Auto dealers a demo of the new PBS Aristo software We hope to see you there! To sign up for the conference click HERE! If you have any other questions, you can check out our earlier blog post HERE, or give us a call at 800.382.3733. Time is running out, so get registered and we will see you at the conference!

Dubuque Data Services Welcomes Huss

Dubuque Data Services Welcomes Huss Implement!

Dubuque Data Services would like to welcome Huss Implement, our newest business partner and family member!

Huss Implement has been serving farmers since 1940, Check out what they have to offer at

2016 Dubuque Data Service Software Conference Banner 2

2016 Software Conference – Time is running out!

Register HERE and see the class schedule HERE!

Dubuque Data Service will hold the 2016 Software Conference in scenic Dubuque, Iowa on June 23rd and 24th. We will show you how the Advantage dealer management system can improve efficiency at your dealership, save time, and increase profits. Not only will you learn from the friendly, knowledgeable DDS staff, but you will be able to network with your fellow dealership members, gaining tips and tricks that they know.

The software conference will be covering all the main areas of your dealership, including accounting, parts, and service. Each segment will be led by experienced members of our DDS team, showing you ways to ensure your day to day business runs smoothly while improving profits when using the Advantage DMS. Just in case we did not cover a particular topic for you, there will be time for personalized training on the second day.

Registration for the software conference includes 2 nights at the Holiday Inn, the same location as the conference. Your meals during the conference will be included, as well as the Thursday evening dinner cruise on the Mississippi River. Can’t come for 2 days of the conference? Don’t need a hotel? There are options available for these situations.

There are plenty of things to do in Dubuque and the surrounding area, so why not make a weekend of it? You can even bring a guest to enjoy the weekend with you. We are happy to help with plans for extra entertainment, and have some ideas listed on the registration form. If you don’t see something, let us know by suggesting your own idea.

We want the 2016 Software Conference to be a enjoyable learning experience that you will be wanting to attend again and again. To help ensure a stress free event, we are offering assistance with travel plans and as well as a shuttle service to and from local airports. Just check on the form for these items.

Registration for the Software Conference is now open and you can sign up until the 13th of May. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact DDS at 800.382.3733. We are excited about this year’s software conference and can’t wait to see you there! REGISTER HERE!

Check out the class schedule HERE!

Dubuque Data Services values Cooper Motors as a business partner

Dubuque Data Services values Cooper Motors as a business partner

Cooper Motors and Dubuque Data Services have been business partners since 2002, and we couldn’t ask for a better customer.  Cooper Motors was founded in 1962 and is owned by Jack Cooper.  Also in our picture is Norma who is the office manager.

As part of our values at DDS, we continually check in with our dealerships to make sure that we are earning their business every day.

Experience their great service first hand by visiting their site at

Dubuque Data Services Software Conference

Dubuque Data Services Software Conference June 2016


Save the date! June 23rd and 24th, DDS Software Conference is ready to roll!

Here is some of the fun we had in 2014, with even more to come in 2016… We have lots of activities planned such as a Mississippi River Cruise and a Dubuque food and pub crawl.

In addition to our fun activities, we would like you to join fellow dealerships to learn new ways to utilize our software and make your dealership run more efficiently.

Registration opens on March 1st, first dealership to sign up and tell us what Noodling means will get 2 hours personalized free training.

Contact DDS for more information at 800.382.3733 or

Dubuque Data Service visits Tauke Motors

Dubuque Data Services visits Tauke Motors

Dubuque Data Services congratulates Tauke Motors on winning the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award!

Dubuque Data Services has been providing our dealer management system to Tauke Motors since 1993!

Keep up the great work, and we can’t wait to deliver their next bag of popcorn.

Experience their great service first hand by visiting their site at


Dubuque Data Services Visits Louisburg

DDS Congratulates Louisburg on Chrysler Award!

Louisburg was recognized by the Chrysler Presidents and CEO’s for their sales and service advocacy scores which were above 90% for the year.

The Timmermans and their staff are thanked for delivering the world-class experience that their customers deserve.

Dubuque Data Services is proud to have been able to provide our Dealer Management System and to be business partners for over 25 years!

Experience their great service first hand by visiting their site at

Dubuque Data Services Offers PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing

These days it is important to be PCI compliant, and Dubuque Data Services has the perfect solution for our dealers. DDS has partnered with ChargeItPro to bring a simple and secure credit card processing solution to Advantage.

ChargeItPro is able to process credit cards by either swiping the card, scanning the chip, or entering the card information manually. The seamless flow between Advantage and ChargeItPro makes the system easy to use, while still complying with Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS). Transaction information displays on the receipts for Parts Invoices and Repair Orders and the one-time setup is nothing to fear as Dubuque Data and ChargeItPro will be there every step of the way. ChargeItPro’s Merchant Portal also has many reporting options, so dealers can view an overview of all transactions down to the details of an individual transaction.

Even though it is each merchant’s responsibility to achieve PCI-DSS compliance for their business, using the PCI-compliant payment processing feature in Advantage can make it easier for your business to achieve compliance, and you can rest assured your customers’ data is always secure. Take care of your customers, and your dealership, by calling DDS at 800.382.3733 today, so your business can start processing those payments securely.